Tuesday, May 6, 2008

QA questions on linkedin for the month of May

Asked by Swamy Karnam on May 2nd 2008
What kind of performance issues have you seen on RHEL 3 Update 1 (2,3,4 ...) and how do you tune it ?

Asked by: Namshith Hashim on May 6th 2008
You have raised a bug, but Development are unable to reproduce it. What should your next step be?

Asked by: John Overbaugh on May 6th 2008
How do you cope with matrixed management? (QA/Test)

Asked by: Mike Ritchie on May 6th 2008
What easy-to-use web-based testing/training software do you recommend?

Asked by: Swamy Karnam on behalf of a friend on May 6th 2008
What tools do you use (if any) to do GUI testing; not browser testing, but windows type applications

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Asked by: Marie-Claude Frasson on May 5th 2008
Automated GUI testing: Have you tried existing software? If so, which one(s) would you recommend and which one(s) would you suggest to avoid?

Asked by: Madhu D.S on May 5th 2008
Latest developments in the world of Software Testing ?

Asked by: Benicio Sanchez on May 8th 2008
Need advice on Software Testing Automation of DOS Apps

Asked by: Meenakshi Chopra on May 7th 2008
What are the core values for a successful Quality Professional?

Asked by: Terry Morrish on May 13th 2008
Dynamics of a QA Team

Asked by: Elina Razdobarina on May 13th 2008
What is your ratio of Development hours to Testing hours?

Asked by: Sarah Jobst on May 12th 2008
In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that are encountered when managing an offshore testing team?

Asked by: Darren Schumacher on May 15th 2008
What kind of Quality Management Systems/Practices are most applicable to Product Development Testing labs?

Asked by: Rupert Paul on May 16th 2008
What skills or experience do you need to become a software tester?

Asked by: Marek Pawlowski on May 16th 2008
Testing automation for web applications - software/implementation

Asked by: Shaji Nair on May 18th 2008
Hi...I would like to know about the different metrics we can generate in software testing process

Asked by: Shaji Nair on May 18th 2008
.Software Testing blogs...

Asked by: Jose Manuel Gonzalez
Do you know any application that help to automate the testing of a web application?

Asked by: Sudhakar Manchala on May 22nd 2008
QA&Testing: what are all the various methods to measure the QA/testing productivity?

Asked by: Swapna Pulliwar
have one query, how to select all radio buttons one by one ( if there are 10) on one web page using QTP .Is there any method/function/need to record all steps/use looping for that? please guide

Asked by: raghu praveen addepalli on May 27th 2008
how to use Regular Expressions in QTP i whant clear ideia about Regular Expressions?

Asked by Sriram P R on May 27th 2008
Test Automation on Agile Methodology

Asked by Supriyo Das on May 24th 2008
How often would Requirements Management processes in software organizations, using any framework (CMMi et al), be using QFD (Quality Function Deployment)?

Asked by Moiz Qyser on may 31st 2008
What is the difference between "Software Process Improvement (SPI) Model" & "Software Process Model (SPM)"?

Asked by YYRenee Liu S on May 31st 2008
what is the best way to manage project under matrix organization structure?

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