Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome to the QA discussion group

Welcome to the Quality Assurance Discussion Group.
This group was started on March 24th 2008 as I didn't find any group dedicated to QA in the linkedin groups directory. The goals of this group is to get discussions and collaboration going on topics related to Software Quality Assurance.

These discussions could be online through email, wikis, forums, blogs or onsite through book clubs, happy hours, toastmasters, conferences, training sessions, etc.
For now to send a question or comment to the group, send email to me -- Swamy Karnam -- and I will post them onto this blog:

You could also create wiki pages at:

I work at Verisign in Dulles, VA which is near Washington, DC. We went to happy hour yesterday to Sweetwater. I also facilitate a book reading club at Verisign. I hope that these local discussions take place at your company and region too and we can set up an annual conference.

I like to ask questions on QA in linked in. You can view them at my profile :
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To join the linkedin group click this link:

I will also post these questions here. I also develop opensource tools intended to be used for QA activities like -- environment setup, scheduling, test planning, execution, reporting etc.
One such tool is called ETAF -- "Extensible Test Automation Framework" which is being used at Verisign and I am working to put in sourceforge at Logo


Anonymous said...

Are you able at this time to provide any details on this tool you are trying to open source?

Out of a need I see often and my desire to learn a particular web app / rapid app development framework, I am developing an app in Python to organize tests of all levels and from any vendor and integrate them together.

The idea is to facilitate well designed tests and scripts to be reusable and modular and be pieced together. It handles input and output and the variables that will be in the scripts.

Since I do not want to really reinvent the wheel and want to integrate with other components then I would love to see your work.


Swamy said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks much for your comments.

I can provide some details. It is
a work in progress and I keep adding features.

In my testing I do the following:

1) System testing -- A system
could consist of 50+ boxes
This requires a tool to push
updates to 50+ boxes across
firewalls and jumpboxes and
running installation and configuration, monitoring disk usage, verifying FW rules, security, collecting and versioning OS info, 3rd party packages info, verifying HW like RAM, # of CPUs match the requirements, keeping inventory, etc

2) Performance Testing --
This requires starting scripts like top, vmstat, iostat, ps, sar etc. Run load then have the tool automatically graph the results. Also create a table for latency, drops, retries, etc.

3) Business Logic Testing --
This requires sending different inputs and then comparing
outputs to expected results and creating a pass/fail/run report

The tool is geared for the above activities on UNIX based boxes and uses ksh and expect scripts around ssh to navigate the system, collect logs and move it to the web server and display them

Unfortunately I don't have a formal document yet but I am working towards it. If you any specific questions or suggestions
please let me know.