Monday, June 2, 2008

QA questions on Linkedin for the month of June

Asked by: Gianmaria Gai on June 5th
Examples of ISEB Foundation certification software exam

Asked by: Gianmaria Gai on June 6th
Help for a open test software comparator

Asked by: Sangeetha Santhanagopal on June 1st
Business Requirements and System Requirements

Asked by: Dave Macaulay on June 6th
Web-based Project Tracking/Management

Asked by: David Harwood on June 9th
Where can you find published metrics which can be used to estimate software development projects?

Asked by: Swamy Karnam on June 13th
How effective is Code Coverage Analysis ?
Accidentally entered the same above question twice

Asked by: Yoav Aviv on June 14th
Although not strictly on QA it has some relevance. Also it has 85+ responses within
the hour it was posted so seems like a good topic for discussion:
What top ten actions can IT project managers take to increase the likelihood of implementation success?

Asked by: Swamy Karnam on June 13th
How do you define efficiency and effectiveness with respect to Software Quality Assurance ?

Asked by: Md Abubucker Alathick on June 16th
Steps to create a testing productivity baseline

Asked by: Mark Wheeler on June 17th
Which should it be, Certification in WinRunner/QTP ( Specialist Exams) or ISEB Intermediate?

Asked by: Mark Rooks on June 25th 2008
Application Testing using virtualised clients

Asked by: Surajit Dutta on June 28th 2008
Do you see a problem in applying Lean manufacturing and/or Kaizen principles to software engineering?

Asked by: Charly Pearce on June 26th 2008
Test managers in Holland - what would attract them to move?

Asked by: Ravi Shankar on June 28th 2008
What is the best testing process ever?

Asked by: Damnish Kumar on June 28th 2008
Do you see changes in Software Testing Approach because of high demand for Rapid Production Process? How will this impact quality of software development and overall cost of product including support.

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