Monday, April 7, 2008

common QTP issues

This is a stub for common QTP issues


Anonymous said...


I came across an odd issue in QTP10 and couldn’t find the solution even after searching the net. Let me describe the issue in a flow.

1. Record any event with QTP10 on IE7.
2. Click on back button on IE7
3. Stop the recording.
4. In OR, objects are added (browser object, page object, etc.)
5. If I’ve done the recording in Google page, say the code be Browser("Google").Page("Google").WebButton("Google Search").Click
6. Open OR, highlight Browser("Google") and click on “Highlight in Application”.
7. I’m amazed to see that instead of the browser, the page is highlighted.
8. If you highlight Page("Google"), page is highlighted properly.
9. Now since browser is identified as page, “object.back” command is not working. A “General Run Error” is obtained.
10. Even after disabling “Tab Browsing” option in IE7, this problem is not resolved.

Please let me know what the resolution for this issue is. I need it immediately. I belief that there must be some setting in QTP or IE, but I’m not able to find.

Thanks in advance,

Note: If you have the answer to this issue, plase mail it to

Arun Kumar said...

@Sourav:- It might be possible that this issues would have been resolved but I saw it today so want to provide solution for this in case if it help.
Use object.GoBack and it will work perfectly.